Why is my clearomizer/tank leaking?

Clearomizers and tanks from The Electric Tobacconist® are generally very reliable, however under certain conditions a clearomizer/tank may leak.

For example:

  • (Most common reason) If e-liquid has got down the central pipe of the clearomizer/tank and has run through onto the battery. When filling your clearomizer/tank, you must ensure that no e-liquid gets into the narrow 'breathing' tube that runs down the centre of your clearomizer/tank. To avoid this happening, always tilt your clearomizer/tank 45 degrees and aim to coat the inner wall with e-liquid (Think you might have got e-liquid down the central pipe? Click here for a remedy)
  • If any rubber seal on the thread of a mouthpiece has been lost
  • If placed in direct sunlight or in extreme heat eg. on the dashboard of a car or on a radiator
  • If overfilled or incorrectly filled 
  • If used excessively
  • If screwed together incorrectly so that the threads are not aligned with those on the battery
  • If the airflow (if your clearomizer/tank has adjustable airflow) is closed, it will often draw too much e-liquid into the coil head which will then proceed to leak out of the airflow or up the centre pipe.
  • If the coil head has been used for more than ~3 weeks

It's important that you correctly maintain your e-cigarette to ensure you're getting the most out of it before parts inevitably need replacing. Every part of an e-cig is consumable, and the part that needs replacing the most frequently is the coil head (every 2-3 weeks).

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