My vape tastes burnt

If your vape kit has a burnt taste, this tends to mean one of three things:

1. There's no more e-liquid left in your pod/tank/cartridge

2. You may be using an unsuitable e-liquid or power setting

3. Your pod/tank/cartridge may be faulty

My Tank/Clearomizer Tastes Burst

This is sometimes the case straight after filling your clearomizer or tank. You can easily burn the cotton wicking material if it's dry, and unfortunately when it's burnt there's little you can do to revive it. To avoid this happening, always let the clearomizer/tank stand for 5 minutes after filling, or swill the e-liquid around the clearomizer/tank to make sure it is absorbed by the wick before using.

Another way to do this is to 'prime' the clearomizer/tank by taking a few drags without holding the battery button. The suction created will force the e-liquid into the coil’s wicking area and will allow the wick to become saturated with e-liquid. Take around five drags without activating the battery, but do not exceed that amount. If you take more than five drags, you may flood your coil and you risk sucking e-liquid into your mouth.

With larger coils (such as sub-ohm coils) it's always best to drip a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the cotton inside and outside the coil head. Be careful not to flood the coil head though otherwise it will not vaporise the e-liquid properly.

Always ensure you are using a suitable e-liquid. Low resistance coils (less than 1.0ohm) will work best with high VG e-liquids. High resistance coils (over 1.0ohm) tend to work better with higher PG e-liquids. Any e-liquid with a 50/50 formula should work fine in most vape kits. 

If your device has adjustable power ouput, setting it too high may cause your coil to burn out faster than normal. It's best to start at a more conservative output and then slowly work your way up from there. If you start experiencing dry hits, this may indicate your setting is too high.

My Pre-Filled Pod Tastes Burnt

If you're using a pre-filled pod (such as a Blu 2.0, JUUL 2 or Vuse) your pod may start to taste burnt when it's empty. If this is the case, you should simply replace it for a new one.

If your pod tastes burnt but still has plenty of e-liquid left inside, this indicates a fault. You should submit a ticket to our helpdesk with further details. 

Certain pre-filled pods require priming before first use. If you're using an Elf Bar P1 Pod, you'll need to click the pod into the device and wait for 5-10 minutes. This is because the coil and e-liquid chamber are kept separate until activated.

My Refillable Pod Tastes Burnt

Many devices use pods that are refillable. Typically, you cant change the coil in these types of pod, except for certain SMOK products. 

You should always prime a new pod before first use. To do so, simply allow the pod to sit for up to 10 minutes after filling for the first time. If you didn't prime your new pod, sadly there's no remedy if the internal coil has burned out, so you'll need to install a new pod. 

It's also important to ensure you're using a suitable type of e-liquid. Many pod systems are mouth-to-lung, meaning they don't create much vapour. Due to this, we recommend using e-liquid that's no more than 70%VG; 50/50 blends tend to work best!

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